Life doesn’t follow a straight path, sometimes it’s windy and curvy.
If mountains are like obstacles, then grab a friend and start climbing. 
Writing online is like sending up a batsignal to the world. "I am vengeance. I am the night. I am Batman."
If you’re a creator, find your ratatouille. A tried and true recipe, something tasty that you can produce consistently. 
The ocean is violent and unending. Be like the ocean.
If creators are like wizards, then pencils are like magic wands. A visual thread about "Imagineering" illustrated by Ash Lamb.
Followers aren’t the goal. The goal is to create something worth following. Followers are a lagging indicator of great work.
If you’re getting started, don’t build a castle. You're better off building bricks. Bricks are solid, timeless, and consistent.
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